Roof Cleaning Process

Following an initial survey and subsequent agreement for the work to be undertaken, the registered installer will check for a safe and suitable method of access to the roof structure. Dependant on the style of property this could either be from a tower, scaffolding or traditional roofing ladders.

Prior to starting any sensitive areas will be covered with tarpaulin sheeting and the down pipes of the guttering system will either be blocked or removed to eliminate any subsequent blockages caused from moss "clogging up" the drainage system. Full consideration is given to any adjoinging properties and any moss or detritus will be cleaned up from your neighbours homes.

Dependant on the amount of moss or algae growth a pre-treatment of a specific fungicidal or moss killer will be spray applied. The professional pressure washing equipment will be utilised to thoroughly pressure wash the roof tiles, working from the ridge tiles down the entire surface will cleaned and all moss infestation and algae growth will be removed.

The attention to detail at this stage is vital for the assessment of any roof repairs that may need to be carried out and for the application of a coloured roof coating or a clear acrylic sealer.

We will undertake the replacement of broken or cracked tiles, re-bed any valleys or ridge tiles that have become loose from weathering and also check any chimney stacks for mortar deterioration and overall stability.

The application of the roof coating can only be undertaken in favourable weather conditions with all repairs and mortar replacement fully cured.

A full clean of the property is undertaken with all gutters, fascias, walls and ground floor areas washed down and cleaned, drainage systems all reconnected.

This completes the preparatory phase.

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Roof Cleaning Process image
Roof Cleaning Process image
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